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About us

The Vindicator Safety Handle was invented and designed by Ed Davis, an avid diver, dive instructor, and dive and rescue team member.

As the son of a Navy Master Chief,  Ed, was born in California and spent most of his childhood years in tropical places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico where he fell in love with the water and all the wondrous creatures there below.  As a young adult he spent nearly 6 years in the Navy as a computer and electronics tech where he spent much time on the east and west coasts of the U.S.

After time in the Navy, Ed moved to the Midwest to build a career in furniture manufacturing (another great love of his).  He developed and successfully built a business specializing in Church and Auditorium Furniture that he still owns today.  He is a gifted wood carver and designer in that field as well.  One of his specialties is a line of Vintage Style Theater Seat ends that he hand carved and that has now been set to molds for production years into the future.

Living in the Midwest left him woefully distant from tropical waters so Ed bought a dry suit and began diving in the cold water inland lakes of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes where he began teaching divers and volunteering on the Jackson County Wisconsin Sheriff's Dive Team.

His experiences teaching divers and working with the dive team (mostly recovering divers) alerted him to the great need that divers had for some type of visual indicator so they could easily see if their air was on or off.  Ed vowed to come up with a solution.  After many sleepless nights thinking out new designs and then months mocking up many prototypes he came up with the Vindicator which he now owns a patent on.  

The Vindicator has been a great success and countless divers have recounted stories of how it has prevented them or their dive buddies from diving without their air on. Ed has received thanks and appreciation from recreational divers, professional divers, resort owners, boat owners, and instructors for his contribution to the safety of scuba divers around the world.  The Vindicator is sold in almost every dive destination worldwide.

A love of water and the great gift Ed has for ingenuity have led to a much safer Diving experience for the Scuba community! 

*The Vindicator Safety Handle is proudly made right here in Wisconsin, USA!