Dive Safe, Install The Vindicator safety Handle On Your Tank Today!
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Vindicator Scuba Tank Valve Safety Handle - Black (Air)

Vindicator's simple Red/Green indicator can save your life or another diver. Replace your current valve handles with the Vindicator to easily identify whether your air is turned on or off!  Green means your air is on and it's safe to dive.  Red means your air is off - Don't Dive!  

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Vindicator Safety Handles

The Vindicator Scuba Tank Safety Handle's Patented Red/Green Indicators let divers know at a glance that their air Is on.

Vindicator Handles take only a minute to install and can be retro-fitted on most manufacturer's scuba tank valves. (Select the Model Number you need from the list of valves that Vindicator Handles fit)

Model  Fits These Valves
Model #1 Halcyon
Model #2 Catalina, Dacor, OMS, PST, Sherwood 4000 & 5000, Thermo
Model #3 Dive Rite, Scuba Max, Scuba Pro
Model #3SP Youngdo
Model #4 Sherwood 6300, U.S. Divers/Aqua Lung
Model #5 U.S. Divers (Labeled Santa Ana, Cal.)
Model #5SP Genesis KA-30 (France)
Model #6 Blue Steel
Model #7 Genesis KA-70, Midland
Model #8 Harrison, XS Scuba
Model #9 San-o-sub